RAPIDOBACKUP is an online data backup solution for professionals that prevents from any data loss risk.

In each case, RAPIDOBACKUP covers every data securing and externalizations need (virtual machines, database included).

2 technologies

to choose from

We offer two services : 100% Cloud or our backup (RAPIDOBOX).


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Advantages :

  • Ultra simple and ultra fast installation and configuration
  • Subscription amount adjustable to the volume of data to be backed up
  • Double protection with the free local backup option
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Advantages :

  • Independence from the Cloud, full control of your data and its backup
  • Local or remote installation
  • Fixed subscription amount, regardless of the volume of data saved (within the limit of the storage capacity of the box)
  • Possibility of a tailor-made installation on your infrastructure
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Box 4 hot-swappable SATA disks useful capacity 4 to 48 To
Dim: W 160 mm x H: 180 mm x D: 263 mm Weight: +/- 10 kg variable depending on the disks

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mini box SSD fanless – disk 1 up 2 To
Dim : W 13,1 mm x H : 18,3 mm x D : 81 mm Power : 10 watts – Weight : 203 g

In both cases, RAPIDOBACKUP offers the same quality of performance and service:

  • Total data protection
  • Unalterable by cryptolockers
  • Fully automated backups
  • Data encryption for absolute privacy
  • Full service of maintenance, assistance
  • Detailed backup updates and reports, etc.


Technical characteristics

Cloud backup

Backup all your documents in the Cloud with a maximum level of protection and without having constraints or taking risks with traditional support systems

technologies (compression, incremental backup, block mode, deduplication), you can get an extremely quick backup.

  • Block mode allows to minimize a file’s backup to only the modified parts between two successive versions (perfect for databases, virtual machines and emails).
  • Deduplication allows to save on transferring file’s parts already backed up (duplicates or partially identical files).
  • Compression reduces the size of transferred data, which saves on Internet bandwidth.
  • Incremental backup only processes files that are new or modified since the last backup

With RAPIDOBOX back up online at a second site or locally
RAPIDOBOX offers the same functionalities, the same level of security, services, ergonomics and performance than the Cloud version. Each RAPIDOBOX can simultaneously receive several backups from different machines; the creation of backup accounts and the sending of reports are done from the same web interface as that used for cloud accounts.
Our boxes are available in different forms :
  • A box of 4 hot-swappable SATA drives, with a useful capacity of 4 to 48 TB, which can be configured in RAID 1, 5 or 10.
  • A fanless mini SSD box, with a useful capacity of 1 to 2 TB.
  • A tailor-made installation on your infrastructure.
Local backup

RAPIDOBACKUP can also backup your data (with Cloud or RAPIDOBox) on hard drive, NAS, USB key at no additional charge. That way, you get a better protection if Internet is unavailable and a quicker restoration.
Hot Backup
Hot backup of all types of files, including virtual machines. RAPIDOBACKUP backups office files, databases, images, Exchange server or virtual disks (vhd, vhdx, vdi), no matter their size or type, individual or network setup.
Smart restoration
During a restoration, RAPIDOBACKUP usually relies on local backup data to restore faster and adjust the files with online backup data (exclusive block level backup technology).
At no time can the data received be falsified; the data is backed up from the user’s computer as blocks in a proprietary format of our software and can only be read with the login, password and encryption key that the user has previously defined.
RAPIDOBACKUP backup encrypted data. The data is always protected from its transfer by SSL encapsulation (banking standard). In addition, the user can choose to encrypt their data before transfer (in 3-DESEDE with 128-bit irreversible key). All you need to do is set a key with an encryption sentence and select the folders or documents that will need to be encrypted. The data will then remain encrypted at all stages of backup, storage, with no possibility of recovery unless the initial encryption sentence is available.
We never know the user’s encryption key. The data is encoded before return and stored encrypted. Therefore, they cannot be exploited without the original encryption phrase.
The data centers used by RAPIDOBACKUP meet RGPD standards: compliance/gdpr-center/ and all data is stored in three data centers in the Paris region.

Automatic takeover

After an internet outage, the backup resumes exactly at its stopping point.
Whether they are related to ISPs or equipment, internet outages are still far too common. RAPIDOBACKUP has an automatic recovery mechanism that allows you to continue a backup after a cut. The backup resumes from the partially sent files, even several hours after the outage. The recovery is smart enough to take advantage of the partially sent files, although in the meantime, changes have been made.

Save only what is essential.
The filter by type excludes certain files based on their extensions (e.g. temporary “.-docx” files, or exchange cache files,.ost, etc.).
The date filter saves “living” files (the newer ones or changed from the set date). Other files can be stored on physical media or archived via the RAPIDOBACKUP Online Archive option.
This filter gives you the advantage of offering a lower cost backup because a limited number of files are taken into account, while automating their selection.

Decide when the backup will be launched automatically.
You decide how often to save or restore (hours, days, weeks or months). By doing so, you control your internet bandwidth by triggering backups at the right time, out of working hours (for example: one backup during the lunch break and another at night). Of course, at any time, you can launch a manual backup in just two clicks.
Keep successive versions of the same file. File history is sometimes just as important as the data it contains. Indeed, it is often necessary to be able to find data deleted or modified by mistake. With RAPIDOBACKUP, you can keep up to 100 versions, which can be set up in the file or folder.
Nothing simpler than color coding to know the status of your saved files:
Green – Updated; Yellow – Old; Red: Deleted.
Detailed backup reports are sent daily by e-mail. We often tend to forget it as automatism brings comfort, but safeguarding is a delicate art. The factors that can hinder it are multiple: Firewall, Antivirus, internet problems, etc. Therefore RAPIDOBACKUP implements various means to report any problems, either to the user or to the provider responsible for the backup.
The daily report tracks the activity of all backup accounts.
A red boomerang in the taskbar indicates a backup anomaly.
The local log details the various events of the backup (start/end of task, error, number of files backed up). We do regular analysis of all accounts on our end and will not hesitate to contact you if we detect a recurrent problem.
Cloud accommodation in France

In cloud backup, your data is hosted in France at the world’s leading cloud computing company: AWS.

The infrastructure of licensed medical health accommodation is designed and managed in accordance with various regulations, standards and best practices, including: HipAA, SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS70), SOC 2, SOC 3, PCI DSS, Level 1, ISO 27001, FedRAMPSM, DIACAP and FISMA, ITAR, FIPS 140-2, CSA, MPAA.

Free trial

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Join RAPIDOBACKUP and benefit from the simplicity and flexibility of our partner program.

Two options available:

  • You subscribe to a global volume that you subdivide and resell directly to your customers.
  • We bill your customers directly and you benefit from recurring commissions.

Of course, we are always at your side to assist you by phone, email or remote maintenance.

Extranet Dedicated

You will dispose of a web interface for managing your customers’ backup accounts.

Backup reports

You receive a daily report by email which allows you to control the quality of the backup of all your clients’ accounts.

Recurring income

By offering online backup, add an offer to your service portfolio and benefit from recurring income.

Support and training

Our services include technical assistance 7 days a week by email and 5 days a week from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm by telephone and remote maintenance, as well as free training.

Test accounts

Benefit from an unlimited number of test accounts to present and install RAPIDOBACKUP.


Benefit from our presentation materials, as well as personalized emails intended for your customers.

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Download the client software is necessary to collect data on the workstations to be backed up. The data is then transferred in an optimized and secure manner to the server which ensures its storage. Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Seven, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit systems).

Version 2.8.10 – 9.9 MB – Available since November 5, 2019.

Remote maintenance utility

Download and run this software to allow us to connect to your desktop.

Videos tutorials

Real training tools, discover all the features of RAPIDOBACKUP through our video tutorials.


RAPIDOBACKUP is a French company which has been publishing since 2001 a professional online backup solution for a wide range of companies, administrations and liberal professions, in order to meet the vital need for security and integrity computer data. The RAPIDOBACKUP online solution eliminates the constraint of physical outsourcing of backup media and provides absolute security.

The data is hosted in Europe by the world leader in Cloud Computing, offering the same quality of infrastructure as that previously reserved for large accounts. In addition, data encryption with a unique key ensures that your data cannot be read by third parties even if your login credentials are stolen.

RAPIDOBACKUP offers a global outsourced backup offer, ranging from the implementation of the solution, to training and daily monitoring of the proper execution of backups, guaranteed by our network of partners throughout the country. For those who do not wish to save their data to the Cloud, RAPIDOBACKUP also offers an alternative solution with RAPIDOBOX.

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